Coroners Toxicology

CNCFTS Ltd provides a flexible, high-quality, dedicated, analytical toxicology service to a number of HM Coroners in the United Kingdom. In addition to providing this streamline analytical service, our experts also supply a full interpretation report, which explains the toxicology results in the context of each case.

A complimentary courier service is provided as part of CNCFTS Ltd’s HM Coroners Toxicology Service. Samples that require toxicology analysis are collected directly from the morgue and shipped to the laboratory for analysis. Sample containers and packaging material are also provided as part of the service and CNCFTS Ltd will manage both sample storage and destruction, as required.

This streamline service is able to deliver an unrivalled list of accredited (ISO 17025) analytical techniques, delivering results and interpretation reports within 7 days of sample receipt. The analytical staff are highly trained with many years of experience in forensic toxicology casework.

Straight-forward drug-related deaths can be processed for less than £150. A capped pricing structure, together with introductory discount offers enables customers to manage tight budgets yet still receive top quality results in a timely manner. Customers who utilize the services of CNCFTS Ltd have seen drastic reductions in their turn-round-times and have benefitted financially by saving more than 25% compared with previous service providers.

The forensic toxicologists who prepare and peer-review the reports are vastly experienced, ex-home-office trained scientists who have been directly involved in some of the United Kingdom's most high-profile forensic investigations. The toxicologists have many years of court-going experience; they are recognized experts in the field of forensic toxicology (qualifications/resume).



Toxlab is one of the leading independent analytical laboratories within Europe specialising in the provision of an unparalleled range of toxicology testing and support services to police & governmental institutions.
•Investigation into the causes of death
•Analysis in road safety issues
•Characterisation of usage of doping products
•Establishment of proof of chemical submission (blood, urine and hair analysis)
•Expert Witness interpretation in toxicology
•Quantification of metals in blood, urine and hair
•Analysis of seized street drugs and of traces of narcotics on different supports (banknotes, cellphones, clothes)
•Toxicological analysis in behavioural medicine (alcohol, narcotics, benzos, metals, solvents)

With over 20 years experience in toxicological analysis in a variety of matrices, especially for medico-legal cases, our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory undertakes a comprehensive range of scientific analysis in accordance with international criminal justice standards.